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No, I Know

Multi media artists, activists and husband and wife duo, James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin, talk shop with special guests and perform live music. From art to science to society and culture, they bring you spirited conversation with a call to action to the community at large. On this podcast you will hear interviews highlighting people and organizations that do incredible community work around the nation. They aim to inspire you to find ways to engage with your community and your self positively. Thanks for listening!

Jan 31, 2020

EP#56 Klan-Destine Relationships. It began with a question. How can you hate me when you don't even know me? Listen to our powerful Interview with acclaimed musician, author, educator and race reconciliator, Daryl Davis.**
A chance encounter with members of the Ku Klux Klan led musician Daryl Davis on a quest to...

Jan 4, 2020

A new season of the No, I Know Podcast is here, with your co-hosts, Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell.
Community Engagement.
Community Esteem.
Community taking action to make a difference.
How do these ideas affect the revitalization of a city like Salisbury Maryland? How does a city re-brand itself? Listen to our...